The Dog on the Euthanasia List was Saved and Now Lives the Best Life


This amazing doggie Joki had a very difficult and hard life in the past. He was starved to death and did not know if he will continue his life.

After a very long time of suffering and pain he was taken to the clinic, where he was diagnosed with severe disease.

He was on the waiting list of euthanasia and he did not know, if he would ever come back after it all.

However, there are kind people everywhere and this young volunteer girl did her best to save the dog. After breeding, the dog was really heavy and starving.

She was so in love with the dog, she decided to adopt it. She took the doggie to her place and gave the doggie and the pups the best ever life, no one would imagine.

As she talked later, she said, that Joki and the puppies changed her life completely and she is so grateful for it.

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