The Abused Elephant is Finally Free after Years of Slavery

Andere Tiere

We live at times, when the only things people can do bestly is how they can use and abuse other people and even worse other animals.

This cute elephants was kept in cage for more than twenty years and was subjected to humiliation, abuse, bad treatment. He was kept in the cage to work as an circus artist.

He was even not given food and water sometimes, because the owners of the circus decided to give him a strict diet for losing and performing better.

However, justice should be restored one day and the elephant was finally freed in the wild. It was the best and most joyful day in his life ever and he could not get enough of the wild nature.

However, after this incident and so many similar incidents there are no relevant legislation and rules, which would punish this kind of people and let the animals be where they should be.

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