The Cute Friendship of Duck and the Dog


Everyday we come across to so many stories about animal friendship, that we may lose the counts. It is readable and enjoyable, because we find in these stories pure love, which is so hard nowadays to see elsewhere.

Our today’s story is about the friendship of a dog and a own, who seem not to go on without each other anymore. Could you ever believe that a friendship between an owl and a dog can happen?

This story will prove the real friendship. This due always go together. They are so different in nature. The dogs have a very kind and pure hears, meanwhile the owls can be really cold.

However, no one can define the the limits and grounds of friendship. They enjoy each other’s company so much. They are always seen together and can’t miss a chance to be near each other.

This is what real friendship should look like: unconditional and pure.

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