The 85 Year Old Travels Miles with the Horse and the Dog


Horse name Crystal and Angeline have been together doing some crazy, adventurous travelling for more than two decades. They are so connected and bonded with each other.

The elderly woman Angeling is a fan a travelling and her favorite hobby is discovering new things and new adventures in the places, she has not seen yet and in the places she had not been yet.

She is a very intelligent woman and chose the best companions for her: the horse Crystal and the doggie Alex. They have accompanied Angeling in the narrowest passes and in the wildest places of Canada.

As she was being interviewed, she told that she considers herself as one of the luckiest women in the world.

She had no family, but had the most loyal and good friends, who were by her side during her high and low moment.

She always thanks God for what God  has gifted her with.

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