The Three Doggos Are Left without Owner and Have Nowhere To go


Jack Smith was an animal lover and he adopted a lot of pets, since he had a private house and he thought that he could keep them in his place.

His love to pets and especially to dogs was endless and he put all his effort for keeping them. However, it should  be mentioned, that for himself he was not good enough.

He had a very severe disease and soon it was discovered, that he had less life to live. After some months he passed away. It was a disaster for the whole family.

For the pets it was also too bad, since they did not have anywhere to go. Immediately, the neighbours called the rescue team and asked them to take them.

They told, that the doggies had nowhere to go and that they needed urgent help. For the doggies, it was very harsh to live without their owner. Soon, they were moved to shelter for a better life.

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