The Starving Dog with Bonny Look Gets Recovered after Care and Love


Animals, like humans being  need love and care the most. They are very sensitive and the lack of attention can easily make them miserable.

This lovely doggie was left by his owners starved to death. The family  moved to a new apartment and it was very difficult for them to take the doggie with them.

The family regretted a lot not taking the dog with them to their new living space. They even could not arrange to move the dog to shelter.

The dog was seen near the old house of the owner and he was starved. He could not find anything to eat and it made him look exhausted. He was so heavily starved that, that one could see even his bones.

This made him look miserable. After a while, the doggie was taken to shelter. In the shelter, the dog had a very special program by which, his weight  was restored and he was again the same healthy doggie.

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