The Abused Elephant Got Finally Rescued and Found True Love

Andere Tiere

In the animal kingdom, one of the most unpleasant thing that can happen to animals is when they can be kept in a cage and be abused for various reasons.

This cute elephant has been a victim of torture and abuse for many reasons, including being used as a circus puppet for more than five years.

He was really exhausted from his life and routine and wanted a new and fresh start of life. The circus workers seeing the suffering of the elephant decided to call the emergency of the shelter.

As they arrived, they immediately decided to free the elephant in the wild. As it was later reported, tha cute elephant found his true love and they stuck together.

It is really beautiful to witness such amazing things happen.


When the wild animals are free and in the place, where they really belong to, the right and beautiful moments of life  can happen in the right moment.

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