The Rescued Dog Gave a Kiss to the Rescuer


The dogs are intuitive and intelligent animals. They feel people and immediately understand the deep connection and love to them.

On a Monday morning, the authorities received an urgent call, that a dog was trapped in the roof of a house. He had climbed with the stairs to the roof and could not find a way back.

The dog was noticed in the roof trapped and uncertain about what is going to happen to and how he could get out of the trap. He was scared and it was difficult for him to move.

Right at the moment, the emergency with the rescuers arrived and the dog could not imagine that he was being saved. The rescuers was very caring and loving towards the dog.

To the surprise of the rescuers, the dog gave a gentle kiss to him as a sign of gratitude for saving his life and the rescuers was amazed by this.

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