The Man and the Horse Have Only Each Other in this World

Andere Tiere

It is believed, that dogs are the best friends to humans and are very loyal and dedicated to them. However, we should not also forget that others animals too can be very good friends to people.

The bond and connection, that people and animal share with each other are beyond words and imagination. This story is overwhelming and beautiful about the connection of the man and a horse.

This man Daniel lived all his life in a countryside and owned a ranch. However, he lost his family long before and now lived alone in the big house.

One of the horses was so connected to the man, he could feel his pain almost. The horse was showing by his gestures how much he cared for the man.

For Daniel it was not surprise, because deep down he knew that all he had in the world was the majestic horse. They were sharing so much deep connection and love with each other, which was beyond words to explain.

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