The Couple Rescued a Doggie who Gave Birth To New Babies


Angelina and Daniel are a cute couple in a suburb of Los Angeles. They have a small apartment, where they had lived most of their lives.

They always wanted to adopt a doggie, but because of not better living conditions, they did not take the risk. One day, as they were walking down the street, they noticed an abandoned doggie.

They felt heavy feeling and decided to buy some food for the doggie. He gave sweets and some things to eat. They so much loved the doggie they decided to take it to shelter.

Later, it was found out, that the doggie was pregnant and that she gave birth to many cubs. They were so excited. Daniel went straight to shelter and adopted one of the baby doggies.

Now, the cub is living with them and they are extremely happy to be sharing their small apartment with the baby doggie and that their dream finally got realized.

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