Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted and Lives in Happiness


Living in closed places and being stuck in the cages of the shelter can be one of the most difficult and traumatized experience for the dogs.

Animals are born in the wild and when they are closed in cages and are under control, they become very sad and disappointed with their lives.

This cute little doggie has lived the majority of his life in sheltered, closed up in a cage. The reason, why he was closed in a cage was that he was so active and would run all over the shelter place.

One day, as a woman came to the shelter for adopting a puppy, this cute little doggie was noticed immediately. The woman was so much in love with the puppy, she felt that she should take the doggie with her.

It was one of the happiest and luckiest days in the life of the puppy, since now he was happily and safely living with the owner who gave her love and attention to him.

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