During a Terrible Hurricane, the Woman Kept More than 90 Dogs at Her Place


We often read and hear amazing dog stories and about people who treat dogs amazingly, when they need it most. This amazing story will leave you questioning about what kind of good dead you can you.

When a natural disaster hits, it often leaves many people in heartbreak and tears without knowing what they should do and how they should react to it.

Under such conditions, animals, especially pets, are usually overlooked and the owners of the pets do not precisely know what they should do in this kind of situations.

They have a dilemma whether they should leave their house or take the pets with them. A woman who had gone through all this gave a shelter to pets who suffered a horrible hurricane.

She had a big house, which was safer and kept the animals there, until it was reported that the danger of the hurricane was passing already.

She had a big heart and she would not allow them suffer as a result of the hurricane. It is also reported, that the woman kept the animals for more than three months.

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