The Smart Doggie was Watching after the Pregnant Woman and Now For the Baby


We all know about the heroic and and soft hearted character of the doggos. They do and give their best to people, who mostly need it.

And it should be highlighted, that doggos do it without waiting anything in return. They do it unconditionally and want the best for everyone.

The doggo Alex was living in the Johnson family for more than five years. He was very intuitive and could sense anything going on in the house.

Jane was pregnant during that time and she was having hard times with her pregnancy, as she was diagnosed with some dangerous illness.

During  all this time, Alex did not sleep and was watching Jane and was taking care of her.

As the baby was born, he had also some problem, but Alex refused to go away for a moment from the baby. He was looking after the baby and taking care of him.

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