The Dog Owner Reunites with the Doggo After Three Years


Angelina was also a dog lover and she could not imagine her life without having at least one doggo at home. She adopted the husky Alex four years ago and they were having amazing time with each other.

One day, as they went for walk in the city, the dog got lost in the crowd and ever since, she could not find the dog. She searched for the doggo in all the possible and impossible places.

All the time she could be seen in the police stations giving announcements and posting reports on tv. However, all her efforts were in vein.

As time passed, she lost all her hope and gave up in her searches. After two years, the doggo was seen near her house. She could not believe in her eyes, as she saw the doggo.

She was crying and laughing from excitement. It was the love and commitment of the doggo, which brought him back to his owner.

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