The Loyal Goose was Waiting Outside the Hospital while Her Partner was Being Operated

Andere Tiere

The love and commitment are one of the purest and most amazing feelings, that is peculiar of every living creature. These are the things which create life and make us believe in miracles.

Such love and commitment were the base of the geese couple, who were living in Johnson family. The male goose had some health problems and he should have undergone serious operations.

The family took him to hospital and the female goose followed them. She was very anxious and nervous about the health condition of her husband.

The whole staff of the doctors was in shock seeing this amazing scene. Never in their life, they had witness such moment. While the «husband» was being operated, the wife was crying, as if she did not want that something can happen to his husband.

This kind of stories make you believe, that connection and affection can be unconditional between the animals too.

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