The Adorable Friendship of the Dogs and the Turtle

Andere Tiere

Every day we see so many bonding and connections between animals, that we start questioning if they are real or not. Some times, we wander if they are true or not.

The family of the Johnsons are in total love with pets and every month they decide to add up their «collection» by one pet. This time it was the turn of the turtle.

They have been petting animals for already five years now. They have dogs which are so good and friendly with each other. When they brought the turtle to the house, the reaction of the doggos was very surprising.

They were looking at it without knowing how to react or what to do with it. They were exploring it and trying to understand what it was.

However, after some time already, the doggos and the turtle made good friends with each other and were enjoying each other’s company.

They were seen together playing, sunbathing, cuddling and just enjoying each others’ company.

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