Watch the Pure Friendship of the Little Boy and the Kitten


We all know, that little children and animals have very amazing kind of friendship and connection, which is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Meet our today’s story’s hero Jack. When he was six years old, Jack made a Christmas wish of having a cat and put his letter under the Christmas tree. His mind was concentrated only on this wish.

His parents were thinking about it, however, they thought they could gift their child with a pet after some time. And as time passed, the dream of Jack was realizing.

One day, his father brought a kitten home. He was so excited and happy. After that day, the kitten and Jack were seen together all the time.

They were sharing their most precious and beautiful moments. Jack trusted the kitten so much. It was even sleeping with Jack in his bed and waking him up for school early in the morning.

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