This Heavily Beaten Doggie Left His Ears, After All he was Rescued by Kind Man


We perfectly know, that this world is always divided between the good and the bad. These two phenomenon exist next to each other and are inseparable.

The same thing relates to people. Either they are too cruel or very kind and do their best to protect, save or help other living creatures. This poor small animal was in the hands of a cruel man.

The doggie was forced to participated in a dog fight. After losing it, the owner of the doggie decided to cut his ears off as a means of punishment and threw him to the street.


The doggie was helpless and did not know what to do. All his body was so much heavily beaten he could hardly stand on his feet. However, as we already mentioned, there are good people too around us too.

A man noticed the dogo in the street and rushed to help him. He made an urgent call to the shelter and they came and rescued him. Now at least the doggo is in peace and does not have to go for dog fights again.

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