The Left Dog Started Crying When the Kind Man Helped Him


The story and the life of this cute doggie is so sad and heartbreaking. He had lived in the streets for the most of his life. His life was lonely and depressed.

One day a man was passing by and noticed the little doggie crying with the hope that he would caress and love him. He was in a desperate need of love and care.

The doggie was also hungry and thirsty. He had not eaten anything for days and was starving. The man took some food from the shop and fed the doggie.

It was clear that the doggie needed human touch and talking. Sometimes, we do not understand the emotions of the animals. But we should realize one thing, that animals have a lot of emotions.

Even though they can not talk they can transfer a lot of things through their eyes and body language. After a while, the mad also called an emergency and the dog was taken to the vets.

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