As they were on vacation the family heard cries and screaming for help and they rescued a cat


Earlier on July, the Addams family went on a vacation near the shores of the sea. Every year they go to the same place and every year some interesting story happen to them.

This year the came to have a very good luck. While they were walking on the shore of the sea, they heard some strange noises and cries. They were following the sounds and went towards the direction.

As they got closer they saw a little kitten trapped between the bushes and was crying. They pulled the cat out of the bushes. They were in love with the kitten.

The cat was hungry and thirsty, however her rescuers managed to save and bring her back to normal life. It was such an exciting moment.

The cat actually suffered a lot and now she got a second chance of living due to the kind people who saved and granted her with a good chance of living her life.

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