The woman who rescued the cat from the cold street never left her when she was pregnant


We all know about the deep and pure connection between humans and animals. They share an amazing kind of bonding and love together.

This little kitten was rescued by a woman from the cold street. As the woman was passing by on the street she noticed that the poor cat was freezing. It was obvious that the kitten was hungry and she needed a safe place to be.

The woman took the kitten home and gave her whatever she wanted. She provided her with everything and made her a member of the family.

As time passed, the woman got pregnant. It was such a pure and lovely moment for them all. The cat used to stay near the woman every second.

The woman felt as if the cat became her guardian angel. She was going and sitting on the belly of the woman, as if she was trying to hear the sounds of the baby inside the belly.

This kind of behaviour of the cats is just as pure. We should accept them as one of the most colorful and amazing part of our lives.

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