The missing dog was entertaining the policemen in the local police station


What would you do if you wake up in the morning and find out that your dog is missing? Perhaps, you will contact one of the nearest police department to initiate a search to find the dog.

But what if you find out that your dog ment missing from home and going to the local police station where you called. This case happened last Friday.

The doggie left and headed towards the police station. He was seen in the desk of the police station. He seemed really excited and happy about his situation.

Everyone in the police station fell in love with the doggie. But the funniest thing that happened, was when the family who already started the search of the doggie went to get information.

They were simply amazed seeing that their doggie was in the police station entertaining policemen and making their days memorable. The family were laughing and they were proud of their doggie.

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