The family did everything to find the dog who went missing for two months


The couple Mary and Adam had an amazing named Angie. They were so in love with the doggie. They were taking the dog with them everywhere the were going.


This time, as the couple went Los Angeles, they took the doggie with them. They were having amazing time together. On next day as they came to hotel, they found that the dog was missing. They looked everywhere in the hotel and outside the hotel to find the doggie.

All their efforts were in vein. They started giving announcement and leaflets all over the area. They did their best. But did not give up their hope to still find the dog. Even during night, they did not stop the search. After trying so hard they decided to return their home.

After two months, they got a notice from the police, that a man who saw their announcement brought a similar dog to the police station. As they saw the dog the recognized their doggie.

The dog was completely changed. He was exhausted. They owners were so much excited again for finding their beloved dog.

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