This is the cutest smallest horse in the world

Andere Tiere

We all know that horses are one of the kindest and amazing creatures on the planet. They are unique in their nature and their kindness is very contagious.

We also know about their healing power and energy. Because of their pure heart, they give all their love and attention to the people who need it most. They are really selfless and committed.

All the horses, despite their sizes, are friendly and find the humans as their best and close friends. They are very intuitive and their presence bring peace and love to people.

This small horse is one of the kindest creatures, the Smith family ever encountered. When the baby of the family was feeling bad and needed love, the horse was there for her to give all the love and care for her.

They were often seen together playing and spending good time together. It was one of the most beautiful and heartwarming moments, the family ever noticed.

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