The dog went missing from the boat falling to the see is now alive


Andrew had an amazing doggie named Jack. They were so closely attached and connected with each other. The owner was taking the dog with him everywhere he was going.

On a Sunday morning, the dog and his owner went to a boat trip in West Coast. On the boat, a bad accident happened. The doggie fell from the boat to the water. At the moment, no one could save him, because of the heavy waves.

No matter how they attempted to search the doggie, it was all in vein. So they went back to the shore. The owner of the doggie was going crazy already by the thought that he was losing the favorite doggie.

No one could understand how the doggie should have been saved. After four week the man received a call from police, saying that they found his dog. As it was stated, the dog had swam all the way until the shore. What a heroic act.

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